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Update and critique of the proposed GOOGLE settlement

In the spirit of April 1, Miracle Jones at Slashdot writes, "In a move that has shocked the publishing world, Judge Denny Chin has filed a brief saying that he has decided to cut the Google Book Settlement in half, letting Google host the first half of every book the company has scanned, and letting other interested stakeholders fight for the rights to the rest." link here

More compelling is Annalee Newitz' long highly critical discussion of the proposed GBS (Google Book Settlement" entitled 5 Ways The Google Book Settlement Will Change The Future of Reading link here.

The five ways are: 1. It may become harder to get information online about books from writers you love.

2. You will find yourself reading free books online, by authors who have disappeared. And Google will make money when you do.

3. Google will be competing with Apple and Amazon and everybody else to be your favorite online bookseller.

4. Libraries and bookstores will be the same thing.

5. Pulp science fiction will make a comeback in ways you might not expect.

These points don't really do justice to the content of the piece. For those hung up on copyright monopolies, the GBS won't do. For those who want to see all those books that have evaporated into the "Out of Print" ether or are in libraries with the only copy, some settlement like the one proposed makes sense. Still, it might be better if time is allowed to run and wear the two sides down to a compromise.


For now Google is the monopolist of the Internet, custom term paper can prove you that fact
Books are very important because it can informs us about so many things just like having a proper education. However, some of us may not afford to go to school. This current recession was associated with financial instruments and real estate - thus, the quicker real estate as an industry starts to do better; the closer we get to earlier conditions. The February home sales improved by over 8% - and some people predict another housing bubble might take place, because homes have become cheaper and individuals are more willing to purchase. Granted, just because prices are depressed doesn't mean you can buy a home with a few payday advances. Here's the thing about bubbles - bubbles are generated by increased demand, which leads to greater prices. At some time, individuals stop purchasing because it's too expensive, prices fall, and once bottom is reached, the market recovers.
Speaking of books, does nobody learn proper English writing anymore? The first comment on this post is grammatically laughable, as well as not making semantic sense. The second shows good grammar, but lacks coherence. The single paragraph rambles from topic to topic with no unifying theme or "main idea". It's more like stream of consciousness than good prose.

Back in my day, we had to write these things called "essays" on various topics and got graded partly on our expressed understanding of those topics but, to a significant extent, also on how we structured our writing.

If I were grading the above in an English class, I'd give the first comment here an F and the second a D-.

Try to do better in the future, please.

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